Buddhi Live Studio

Welcome to Buddhi Live Studio

Buddhi Live Studio – The music composing artificial intelligence.
If you don’t have an idea for melody, Buddhi Live will help you to have a music idea which you can develop with your own creativity. Even if you are not a musician, you can play with the tool and have fun enjoying the artificial intelligence generated music. The tool is completely free to use. Our intension is not to replace musicians with an Artificial Intelligence, it’s to create an assistant that with help musicians to compose great piece of music.


Melodica generates new melody sequences according to the given MIDI samples.

Tone Breaker

Tone breaker is an AI powered digital musical instrument.

Buddhi Live Studio

Buddhi Live Studio is an Artificial Intelligence powered music generation tool. You can generate Music ideas using this tool and download the generated music as MIDI. Then you can impoert these MIDI files to your favorite DAW to develop a great piece of music.